Q – Why don’t you put prices on your posts?
A – As well sell through showsites, we purely post on socials as advertising for what we can do and to show off our buildings.

Q- Do you do bases?
A- No we don’t do bases as a company and all bases you see on our posts have either been done by the customer themselves or by a contractor arranged by the customer.

Q – Do you deliver?
A – We do deliver and install all of our buildings, unless you request a delivery only in which case this does waiver your warranty. Delivery areas may vary so please check with us for exclusions.

Q – Do you install?
A – As above, we deliver and install all our buildings unless you request a delivery only in which this would wavier your warranty.

Q- Where are you based?
A –   Our factory is located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Q- Where can we view your products?
A – We have showsites located over the country for you to view a selection of buildings and order with an agent.   The list of agents is located on our website with their address and contact information.

Q – I am after a bespoke building, is this something you can help with?
A – As we make all buildings to order we have the flexibility to be able to adapt all of our buildings to individual requirements.

Q – What is the lead time?
A – Depending on the time of year the, lead time can range anything from 3 weeks – 12 weeks in normal circumstances. During the last 12 months our lead time has risen to 16-18 weeks because of high demand for outbuildings because of the lockdowns. This is now decreasing back to normal. Our studios on currently on a 24-week lead time because of problems with UPVC relating to COVID-19 and Brexit.