Home Offices

Our studios are perfect spaces for a home gym or working office. They can be made in a range of standard sizes starting from an 8×6 or be made totally bespoke to your individual requirements. We recommend all our studios are installed on a solid level base.

Specifications and Standard Features of the Studio (included in price):

  • UPVC doors & windows (choice of
  •  3” x 2” framework
  • Vapour barrier
  • 125mm x 15mm finished heavy duty cladding
  •  22mm caberboard flooring
  •  50mm Celotex insulation
  •  9mm painted MDF butt and bead lining (choice of white or magnolia)
  • 8mm Kronospan laminate flooring (choice of 3  options -Antique oak, Light varnished oak & Rockford oak)
  •  Painted externally in Sadolin Superdec (wide choice of colours available to choose from)
  •  Roofing options available E.G Cedar Shingles.  
  •  Guttering and downpipe included (White or Black)

Sorry but we do not provide any electrics, this would have to arranged separately with an electrician of your choosing.       

Lined & Insulated Walls

The garden offices include fully lined and insulated walls with 70mm x 45 mm softwood framework & a vapour barrier. 50mm foil backed celetex insulation board is fitted between the framework and fully lined with 9mm MDF board.

Insulated Floor

The Westleigh include a fully insulated floor with 140mm x 45mm pressure treated floor joists. The floor is a 18mm
moisture resistant particle board with 40mm polystyrene insulation fitted between the joists.

Lined & Insulated Roof

Also provided is a fully lined and insulated roof with a 50mm foil backed celetex insulation board. The roof is lined
with a 9mm MDF board.

High Specification doors & windows

The doors in the home office are similar to those used in modern house buildings with high performance UVPC frames & sashes. Features include, multi chamber frame profiles & sealed unit toughened double glazing. All sashes are fitted with draught excluders & a high standard ironmongery. Extra doors and windows can be added for an additional extras.  

Please see a selection of previous offices below. See our Facebook page for the most recent studio builds.